Commercial and Industrial Generators

Industrial Generators

For the past 20 years, RP Power has been providing the best personalized service and custom designed options for our customers in the field of power generation. We have built a reputation in our served market in supplying quality power whether prime or standby, mobile or stationary, outside or inside, and diesel or gas. As an authorized distributor of Kohler generators in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, West Tennessee, and Northeast Texas, we offer our customers one of the world's top brands of generator systems on the market today.

RP Power exclusively offers Kohler commercial generators, simply because they’re built to last. Kohler continuously delivers top products and customer experience, and that’s something we can get behind.

Typical Commercial Applications Include:

  • Hospitals
  • Data Centers
  • Financial Services
  • Nursing Homes
  • Educational Institutions
  • Retail & Convenience Stores
  • Casinos

Typical Industrial Applications Include:

  • Water & Waste Water
  • Oil & Gas
  • Manufacturing
  • Airports
  • Government


Kohler's extensive lineup of standby, prime, and continuous generators power airports, hospitals, factories, and communication centers that all help tie together a diverse product line to serve a global marketplace.

Diesel-fueled units range in size from 10 kW to 4 MW and gaseous fueled units range from 25 kW to 1300 kW. The information below is included for general product research, if you’re looking for project specific information or assistance, please contact us!


 Industrial Full Line Brochure

 Product Guide

 Gas Generators Brochure



KOHLER® transfer switches bridge the gap between loss of utility and standby power. Featuring Kohler designed and built MPAC® controllers, they're factory-tested to ensure transfer of power from the utility to the generator and back again.

  • Transfer switches are available in standard, bypass-isolation and service-entrance configurations with open, programmed and closed-transition operating modes
  • Find the perfect option for every application, from 30 to 4000 amps
  • Kohler ATS integrate seamlessly with Kohler generators and paralleling switchgear
  • Ethernet and Modbus communications capabilities are available


  ATS Full Line Brochure



Whether your need is for emergency, prime power, interruptible rate or peak shaving applications, Kohler can custom-engineer the switchgear to back it up. Our team takes care of you every step of the way, from concept to startup.

Discover what sets Kohler paralleling switchgear apart:

  • Tailor-made from top to bottom our switchgear is engineered to specifically meet your unique application
  • Our switchgear works with the entire Kohler Power System, Generator, and ATS
  • Our chart-based sequence of operation eliminates the guesswork by detailing each step of every sequence
  • Intuitive user interface is as simple as selecting the sequence you want, verifying your choice and pressing the start button


 Paralleling Switchgear Full Line Brochure



  • Every controller works seamlessly with our automatic transfer switches and paralleling switchgear for complete system integration
  • Kohler controls deliver precise voltage regulation (.05%–0.25%)
  • Every controller includes serial Modbus, and has the option for Ethernet
  • Our controllers feature advanced network communications for remote monitoring as well as adjustable parameters
  • Alternator protection technology protects the alternator from thermal overload


 NFPA 110 Brochure

 APM-402 Generator Controller

 APM-603 Generator Controller

 APM-802 Generator Controller




Light Commercial

Each Kohler light commercial generator comes with the following benefits:

Full Reliability

Every generator is tested during each step of the engineering process before passing inspection and moving to production.

Quick Response

Power transfers to Kohler generators automatically in a matter of seconds, so you never experience downtime.

Experience Worth Trusting

Established in 1920, Kohler’s goal has always been to build the best generators in the world.

5-year, 2,000 hour Premium Warranty

Each light commercial generator is built to last, long-term, in extreme conditions. Kohler offers a premium warranty to ensure your product lasts if something goes wrong.


 Light Commercial Brochure

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