Industrial Generators

At RP Power, our service technicians are the best in the business. Our technicians are provided the most updated mobile communication equipment with state-of-the-art service vehicles. They are fully equipped with cutting-edge diagnostic tools and an extensive parts inventory to be prepared to provide the highest level of service.

Timely and efficient service is a well-known RP Power hallmark. All of our technicians are factory trained professionals and we don’t limit ourselves to just the popular brand products - we repair ALL generator and automatic transfer switch makes and models.

Not everyone does what we do. We know how critical your equipment is, so we ensure you're prepared.


 Planned Maintenance Brochure


Planned Maintenance

RP Power provides customized Planned Maintenance (PM) programs. Like any other equipment, your emergency power system needs periodic maintenance to keep it in top condition and ready to operate when the lights go out. The middle of a power failure is not the time to find out your system has problems. RP Power offers PM programs tailored to your needs.

Annual PM

RP Power performs a thorough inspection to ensure the functionality and reliability of your equipment. We also:

  • Change engine oil and fluid filters
  • Test coolant for index of refraction and particulate buildup
  • Dispose of used oil and filters at an EPA approved recycling facility
  • Perform battery conductance test to determine the state of health and charge of the system
  • Replace air filter, if needed (additional fee)
  • Test run generator under load (with customer authorization)

Semi Annual PM

You receive all services provided with Annual-PM with an additional inspection performed in six months.

Quarterly PM

You receive all services provided with Annual-PM with an additional inspection performed every three months.

Monthly PM

You receive all services provided with Annual-PM with an additional inspection performed monthly.


Load Bank Testing

You may never think about it until it’s too late, but Load Bank Testing on a regular basis goes a long way in saving you money.

Here are the top reasons you should safeguard your system with Load Bank Testing by RP Power

  1. By actually drawing power from the generator, load banking tests your system’s capability without interrupting standard utility services to your facility.
  2. Load banking is the only way to ensure that the engine’s cooling system will perform as designed.
  3. By fully loading the engine, load banking helps mitigate “wet stacking”, a condition in which unburned fuel enters the exhaust system.
  4. Load banking exercises your generator. Standard exercising, running the engine with no load, only tests the engine’s ability to start. Load banking is the only true way to exercise the entire generator.
  5. Load banking is required by law in accordance with the National Fire Protection Association Code 110, “Standard for Emergency and Standby Power Systems” where life safety electrical power needs are involved.

NFPA 110 Section states: “Diesel-powered EPS installations that do not meet the requirements of 8.4.2 shall be exercised monthly with the available EPS load and shall be exercised annually with supplemental loads at not less than 50 percent of the EPS nameplate kW rating for 30 continuous minutes and at not less than 75 percent of the EPS nameplate kW rating for 1 continuous hour for a total test duration of not less than 1.5 continuous hours.”

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